Gambling Cheetah With Foliage


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Cheetah print, a timeless classic that is always contemporary. Both exotic and eccentric, this beautiful wallpaper livens up any space conjuring a festive and electric atmosphere. We strongly suggest this on the pearlescent paper; it makes the colors vibrant and shimmery. 

Large Panel w/ Foliage: 4' x 8' Panels

Sample Sheet: 9" × 10"  (22.86 cm × 25.4 cm)


Paper Types: Clay-Coated Standard Matte, Durable PVC Free Matte, DIY Renter Friendly Removable, Pearlescent DIY Peel & Stick (additional papers available on contract, Email:


Quantity: To find the number of rolls needed, multiply the height and the width of the wall by rounding up each length to the nearest foot. Then divide by 30. For Example, a wall that is 10 feet 6 inches high by 9 feet 4 inches long. Round up and multiply 11 feet by 10 feet to get 110 square feet. Divide 110 by 30 and you will get 3.6. Round to 4 and add an 1 extra to get 5 rolls.

A Portion of Proceeds go to the ASPCA

Made in the USA. Ships worldwide 



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